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HostGator Coupon Codes

Save $9.94 on your HostGator order with one of these coupon codes:


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The Benefits of Using a Hostgator Coupon

For those who are starting up their first web based business, Hostgator is an award winning web hosting company.  Their team of top notch professionals provides easy to use applications and technology. If you are a current owner and looking to change hosting companies, you should consider Hostgator for their superb customer service. So, no matter what your need, it is safe to assume that you can find what you are looking for with this company.  Perhaps you are on a budget, or maybe your finances are tight, you can still get the best at an excellent price.  Here we have listed the most recent Hostgator coupon offers.

Hostgator is currently offering a 20% off coupon.  This coupon only applies to new orders but can be used by existing customers who are opening a new account.  The 20% discount goes towards hosting and not the registration of domain names. Get extra savings out of this discount for signing up for more than one month of service, as the coupon goes towards the total price of hosting.  The coupon code will appear automatically when you sign up and place your order.

New customers can use Hostgator coupon gatorbargain to get $9.95 off any plan valued at $49.70 or less.  You can get extra value out of this coupon by signing up for Baby hosting.  When you use this coupon, you get the first month of Baby hosting for just a penny. (And you still get a 45 day guarantee!) Use caution to not get Baby hosting confused with Hatchling hosting. This coupon only takes $8.95 off a Hatchling hosting, which is still a good deal because you will be getting the first month for just a penny.

How to get the Best Discount on Hostgator Hosting

Are you starting a new business and on a tight budget? Of course you still want the best but you don’t want to break the bank. We offer up several ways that you can have award winning quality and excellent service at a price you can afford. Read on and we will explain to you how to get the best discount on Hostgator hosting.

It is true that, “you get what you pay for.” So why not start right away with a quality product?  Hostgator has won countless awards and is rated among the top best hosting companies, according to Coupon Cowboys.  They offer top notch customer service that is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

First of all, Hostgator already has a variety of very affordable packages which range in price from $19.96 a month to $139.00 a month.  Each package offers an array of options which differ between packages.  Check out each package and decide which one is right for you.

Secondly, while you are signing up you should be sure to take advantage of freebees.  At the moment, Hostgator is offering up a $100 Google Awards card. Other freebees include unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

Sign up now and get a 20% discount.  All new contracts get this 20% discount whether you are an existing customer or a new customer.  The only stipulation is that it is a new account. This discount is good for hosting and not limited to the number of months. So be sure to sign up for more than one month to get the best discounted price.  This discount is only good for hosting and not the price of registration of your domain.

Use those coupons.  Coupon gatorbargain will get you $9.95 off any package that cost $49.70 or less. Notice that this is less than $49.70 and not more.  This means that you are getting a great discount on a package that is already very affordable.  Coupon giantsaver is good for 25% off any new order.  The best bargain coupon out there now, gatorbargain, when used on a Baby hosting account or a Hatchling hosting account. With this coupon you will get your first month for the cost of a penny.  Just think what you can do with that extra savings!

Lastly, make sure that your coupon codes have not expired. Hostgator coupons are usually good for one month to three months.   Don’t worry if you are not sure how old your coupon is.  Hostgator is always offering up valuable coupons.  They pop up when you sign up.  Just follow the wizard and you will receive your savings.

Now that we have shown you how to get the best discount on Hostgator hosting, go out there and save big while enjoying a high quality product. And remember to refer your friends for extra savings!

A Real HostGator Review

HostGator hosting brags about being the best, and they claim superior service, easy to use applications, the best prices in town and superior technology.  And if they weren’t already perfect, they have now gone green.  But no one can be that good, can they? Read what the critics are saying in the following HostGator review.

The professionals seem to love HostGator and there is proof to this fact.  They have won so many awards that they can’t all be listed here.  They are considered to be one of the top ten hosting companies around.  Inc. 5000 put HostGator in the top 25 fastest growing companies in the United States (in 2008).   They scored big in’s 2010 user choice awards winning the categories of Best in Reselling Hosting and Best in Cheap Hosting.  In 2008 they were ranked number one by

But what does the average user have to say? These are the people that depend on HostGator to meet their daily needs.  People are saying that HostGator lives up to the hype.

In one HostGator review the person said that they switched over after their former hosting company let their site crash.  Their service was interrupted for two days, during which time the person’s ecommerce site lost a ton of money.  This person had to make up for lost time by finding a new hosting company fast.  They were short on cash because of their lost business.  They turned to HostGator and were impressed. They said that the software was easy to use and they were up and running in no time.

Reviewers are also saying that the people at HostGator stand by their product and respond quickly to problems and/or questions.   Users are saying that they do not have to wait on hold when they call customer support.  They don’t even have to wait through an automated answering machine.  A live person picks up right away. Those who have used the email help option also report excellent service.  The average wait time for a response is about twenty minutes.  All users report having pleasant conversations with a friendly staff that knows what they are doing–all problems are solved without any hassles.

People who leave their old company to go over to HostGator report that they are able to use it without any problems.  Just as the company promises, domain names and other information is switched over.

Newcomers love this company because their applications really are simple. One user reported being surprised at how easy it was to use the web site building wizards.  Another reported that they like having all their necessary information in one screen.  Still another said that they felt in control with HostGator.

Another favorite among reviews is the email applications.  All users report having no complications with downloading and managing their email accounts.

Reviews have all been positive.  Even those that have reported problems have admitted that the problems were minor and solved quickly and efficiently.  All in all, it appears that HostGator really is the one to choose.

HostGator Dedicated Servers

Many businesses have high demands.  For these businesses, the normal hosting website will not give them what they want. For them the best option may be a dedicated server.  This means that their business has their own server all to themselves.  This eliminates the problems that arise when you share your server with others. With HostGator hosting you are in control from the very beginning.  You create your own WebPages and have the ability to monitor your site. Users of HostGator agree that it is the best server they have ever used. One user said that they have used this company for years and have never ever considered switching to another hosting company.

One HostGator dedicated server hosting review listed the many benefits that this company has to offer.  They reported high internet speeds and up time at almost 100%. They also reported an excellent security system with no major problems being encountered.   They said that they felt like there were no limitations to how much use they could get from their service.

The pros and cons have been laid out and there are definitely more pros than cons.  Users gave high rankings in several categories.  They like having full control over their web service.  This includes building their designs; and the ability to easily monitor what is going on with their server (including error reports, run time averages, etc).  Other users enjoyed having the ability of having an unlimited number of sites. Users said that they liked having the freedom to run during peak times without worrying about the risk of slowing down.  All users were quoted as saying that the speed is great.  HostGator fans can’t seem to say enough good things about the excellent customer service.

There were only two cons listed.  One con was the cost.  Dedicated servers cost more than shared hosting. But what good is saving money when it interferes with your ability to run your business? The second con was in the category of ease of use.  Novices found the applications slightly more technical than they were use to.   More proficient users had no problems in this category.

Another HostGator dedicated server hosting review gave the company five stars in almost every category including ease of use and easy of site building. The only categories getting four and a half stars were price and customization.

One customer review said that they have three dedicated servers with HostGator.  They said that they always enjoy high speed, even during times of high usage.  Again, customer service was ranked at the highest.  They did report having some problems learning the start up software. They also didn’t think that the spam blocker was all that great.  Still, they remain with the company and gave it an overall rating of four stars.

Based on user reviews and ratings, it is easy to recommend HostGator dedicated servers.  One company owner even said that with HostGator, he feels like the sky is the limit (when it comes to growing his ecommerce business).

HostGator Hosting Company

Hostgator is an international leader in the web hosting business. Established in 2002, Hostgator Hosting proudly serves clients in over 200 countries.  Their 600 employees are dedicated professionals working around the clock to provide the best service available anywhere.  They provide a wide range of packages for any level of user from beginning to expert and everywhere in between.

The company was formed in 2002 by Brent Oxley, who was then a student at Florida Atlantic University.  He started the company from his dorm room.  In less than a decade, the company has grown to over 400,000 customers.  Their customer base includes freelancers, small businesses and fortune 500 companies.   In 2008, the company was named 21st in Inc. magazine’s list of fastest growing companies. The company moved from its small office in Florida to a large, state of the art building in Texas.  It is listed as the fastest growing privately owned business in the state of Texas.

Customer service is at the forefront of the company’s mission.  They strive to satisfy all of their customers 100 %.  Their attempts have been successful because a recent customer survey reported a 90% customer satisfaction.  Hostgator Hosting is working diligently to improve customer satisfaction to get to the 100% customer satisfaction level.

Hostgator has a boat load of awards to boast about to their peers. They have been on Inc. magazine’s list of fastest growing companies for two years in a row. voted it the best reseller hosting site in 2010. Dedicated Service Directory voted it the number one company in its field.   Web Host Magazine awarded it the prestigious Highest Level of Recommendation Award. awarded the company the much sought after 5 Star Award for customer satisfaction and excellent reviews.  This is just a sampling of the awards they have been given.

The company consists of a tight knit group of young and talented professionals motivated to be the best in their field.  Brent Oxley founded the company and saw it grow from a one person company to a large company with over 300 employees. Lance Custen, CEO has been with the company since the beginning. He started out managing day to day operations. Now he spends his energy on company development and strategy.  David Collins, Chief Technical Advisor, started out being self taught before attending college.  Patrick Pellane, Deputy Chief Technical Officer, is now the one responsible for ensuring smooth day to day operations and overseeing the technical support staff.  Ben Gabler, Chief Operating Officer, works diligently to develop new software and services.  Josh Banks, Support Manager, oversees system administration.  His duties include hiring the best in the field.

Today, Hostgator proudly manages over twelve thousand servers and over five million domain names.  It makes up approximately one percent of the international web traffic.  The company offers innovative services and hosting to work with existing companies in the web field. Most of the company’s customer base is web designers and developers wishing to offer their customer base the service of web hosting.


HostGator Plans

Hostgator is an award winning company that excels in service.  They offer the latest technology at the most affordable prices.  They specialize in offering innovative services to existing web companies.   So whether you are a novice or an expert, Hostgator plans are sure to meet your needs.

If you are looking for superb service and the personal attention that only a small company can give, then you need to look no further. Hostgator is considered one of the top ten webhosting companies in the world. Each new service comes with a forty-five day money back guarantee. The founding owner, Brent Oxley, guarantees your complete satisfaction.  If you are not fully satisfied, Mr. Oxley will talk to you personally.  Where else can you get service like that?

Hostgator plans come standard with an excellent package.  The first question on everyone’s mind is the amount of disk space and bandwidth that is available.  You get unlimited of both. Also unlimited are the sub domains and email accounts. Best of all, it is all very easy to use because the control panel was made with beginners in mind.

The amount of freebees offered is outstanding and not to be passed up.  Again, the building software is of the highest quality and designed to be easily understood.  There are over 4,000 templates and 52 different scripts to choose from, so you can add your own unique touch to your site.  Already have an existing account somewhere and you want to change it over? No need to worry because transfers are done for free.  As an extra bonus, each new account receives a $100 Google credit.

They offer the latest in control panel technology which is designed to be simple to use.  You can keep track of your website statistics with the latest applications. Those with ecommerce businesses will want to take advantage of the available shopping carts, blogs, forms, counters, and email. There is no reason to worry about web security; your information is secure thanks to password protection.

The email features are fantastic and include unlimited accounts. Webmail access is provided by the most popular names in the business. Special apps allow users to receive email via their phone. There is no need to worry about spam because each package comes with software that stops spam in it’s’ tracks.  Another useful feature is automatic response apps.

Users are never alone thanks to the superior support which is provided.  Help is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week all year long.  Users get live help through email, chat and phone.   The same goes for server monitoring, so no need to worry if your site goes down during a major holiday.  Your information is secure and there is no need to worry about the possible loss of information because Hostgator provides routine data backup.

This company cares about the environment and they have made it easy for their customers to go green. They have invested in wind energy and the purchase of certified Renewable Energy Credits (REC).